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To escape, anywhere, that’s all that counts. For Manue, there is nothing to hope for here, while in the Americas everything is still possible. In the port, there’s a container ship heading for Massachusetts, and they’re looking for sailors. Gaffia agrees to hold Manue’s hand for the big trip.
Authors / Creators : Les Films Volants
Participant(s) : Les Films Volants
Added on : 24 March 2022
Category : Cinema


Jordi Perino
Jordi Perino
Les Films de l’Autre Cougar Montage : Kevin Favillier Compositeur-trice : Antoine Mermet Son : Thomas Hatcher Chef opérateur : Julie le May Chef décorateur : Vincianne Amilhon
Key Cast(s)
Coralie Russier, Phénix Brossard, Félix Maritaud, Satya Dusaugey, Anne Loiret

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Les Films Volants
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Jordi Perino is a director and screenwriter. After fve years of student wandering between economics, political science and sociology, he entered the Audiovisual School (ENSAV) in Toulouse in 2008. He directed several flms self-produced with the help of the group of young directors Ciné 2000 of which he is one of the founders. Between 2012 and 2015 he worked as an assistant director, before refocusing on his own projects. He now devotes himself to the writing of his next short flms, a feature flm and a series. He is also a script consultant.