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Le quotidien parallèle de deux jeunes femmes, une customer success manager et une bergère, dans leur environnement de travail que tout semble opposer.

EN: Parallel
The parallel daily life of two young women, a customer success manager and a shepherdess, in their work environment that everything seems to oppose.
Authors / Creators : Les Films Volants
Participant(s) : Les Films Volants
Added on : 28 April 2022
Category : Cinema



Ambroise Carminati
Ambroise Carminati
Producteurs et coproducteurs : Arthur Grec / La Mansarde Cinéma Montage : Ambroise Carminati Compositeur-trice : Mehdi Major Son : Lucas Goix Chef opérateur : Fabien Lamadie
Key Cast(s)
Saraï Rozen Claire Pernot

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Les Films Volants : contact@lesfilmsvolants
Directeur(s) biographique
Co-founder of a production company (ET BIM) which offers content for TV, for Youtube and for cinema. Member of the Cocovoit troupe, daily short format broadcast on Comédie + and on Youtube (140 episodes, in progress), of which I am co-producer, writer, actor and director. Experience in the sole on stage (since 2017) as an author and actor. Part-time author at Canal + in what is pompously called the “Authors Bureau” and which is a very pleasant occupation: we think together, we write jokes, we offer original ideas for sketches and scenarios that will then be broadcast on the air. Writer and director of two tape recorders entitled "La BA de François" and « Stockshot".