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New Caledonia, October 2018. In the lead-up to the country's independence referendum, a Kanak woman fights to preserve her culture, as well as the future of her tribe, Vieux-Touho.

Is this community ready to welcome a woman as head of its tribe?
Filmed during the referendum, Eden Tribal follows the daily tribulations of the Vieux-Touho clan, as they are faced with the need to transfer their customs in order to survive. The group also tackles social pressure and the ghosts of colonization.
In their fight for a better future, their only way to shape their new geography and solve this ancestral conflict is to deal with both present and past issues.
Authors / Creators : Les Films Volants
Participant(s) : Les Films Volants
Added on : 10 November 2021
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Martin JAYET and Mathilde LEFORT
Martin JAYET and Mathilde LEFORT
Ève Brémond - BOX FISH PRODUCTION Editor : Audrey MAURION Composer : Fabien BOULIER Sound : Nicolas ZEZYMBROUCK DOP : Thomas Brémond and Thomas Favel

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Martin Jayet grew up in New Caledonia. After a degree in Philosophy and training in scriptwriting and directing at EICAR in Paris, he explores different sectors such as cinema, advertising, institutional video or even music videos and documentaries. Mathilde Lefort grew up in New Caledonia. After a double bachelor's degree in History and Art History at Paris 1 and a Mention TB diploma at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Humaines et Sociales de Paris (EHESHS) in “Images and Visual Culturesâ€, she naturally turned to documentary .